Saturday, April 30, 2016

USA/MEXICO: Tarana @ Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage (May 1st, 6:00pm)

Tarana @ Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage (May 1st, 6:00pm)

Our performance at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts last month kicked off our Spring on a positive note! We're excited to keep building momentum and are deeply honored to have been invited to perform at Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage this coming Sunday.
We have also been developing musical communities in Mexico since 2009, when we first performed at the Cultural Festival Zacatecas.  We are very excited to return for a longer than usual tour, with scheduled performances in various cities across Mexico.  The tour will culminate with a performance at the Festival Alfonsino in Monterrey on May 20th.
Please kindly check out Facebook Page for the most up-to-date tour schedule.

(photo below by: Nathan West)

Tour of Mexico 2016
May 6: Jazzatlan, Puebla
May 7: Centro Cultural Pedro Lopez Elias, Tepotzlan
May 8: Feria De San Marcos, Aguascalientes
May 9-12 Teaching Residency, TBC
May 13: Jazz Place, Mexico City, DF
May 14: Departamento, Mexico City, DF
May 16: Escuela Superior Festival, Mexico City, DF
May 17: Baja Circuito, Mexico City, DF
May 19: Sie7eocho, Cuernavaca
May 20: Festival Alfonsino, Monterrey

Tour of Texas, June 21-26, with a confirmed performance at the New Music & Sound Summit in Austin, TX on 6/24;
Mini-Tour of North-East US (NY, PA, OH), late-August;
Tour of Western Canada, Oct 1-8, with a confirmed performance at the Yardbird Suite, Edmonton, AB on 10/8;
Tour of Europe, mid-October to mid-November;

Classicalite Mike Greenblatt (Oct 28, 2015)
“If you had to put a spin on post-rock band Sigur Ros from Reykjavik, Iceland, Jamaican trombone player Vin Gordon (one of reggae’s original rude boys) and the tragic Midwestern electronica pioneer DJ Rashad, it might wind up sounding just like Tarana does on A Fire Of Flowers Grows Around Us. Not that Tarana actually sounds like them. The point is; they sound like nobody. Still, elements of the aforementioned pop up like weeds between city sidewalks. It’s alive. It throbs with static electricity. You can’t stop listening to it. At least I couldn’t..” Read More…

The Big Takeover Chuck Foster (Sept 16, 2015)
“Blips and beeps dance over a percussive plane of sonic haze. It’s the same head-scratching genius of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, only updated for the technological age.” Read More…

Tiny Mix Tapes C. Monster (Sept 8, 2015)
“Off the duo’s newest release, A FIRE OF FLOWERS GROWS AROUND US, Tarana (Ravish Momin & Rick Parker) develops listeners’ hearing with their single, most pleasantly haunting first track, ‘Myvatn.’ ” Read More…

FACTmag (Music Video Premiere) (Sept 2, 2015)

“The duo Tarana nestles into a fascinating space between jazz, electronica, and the Bollywood and Indian folk music of project founder Ravish Momin’s childhood home. They explore it in length on their upcoming album A Fire Of Flowers Grows Around Us due September 18 via Wondermachine Records, but for now, watch the video by Alexandra Momin for ‘Myvatn’ which uses visual distortion as warped and fluid as the music behind it.” Read More…