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Lenny Sendersky - Tony Romano


Lenny Sendersky: Alto & Soprano Saxophone
Tony Romano-Guitar
Steve LaSpina-Bass
Matt Kane-Drums


"Intersection" CD release concert in Tel Aviv with Tony Romano guitar / Lenny Sendersky sax / Ehud Ettun bass / Gasper Bertroncerj drums

What The Press Is Saying About  Lenny Sendersky - Tony  Romano "Intersection"

There aren’t many jazz albums that feature the classical guitar, so for that feature alone this album with Tony Romano should get your attention. But, the fact that he teams with Lenny Sandursky/as-ss and the supporting cast of Steve Laspina/b and Matt Kane/dr through ten originals with such ease and aplomb makes this one a must hear. The rhythm team creates nifty bop grooves along with Romano’s classy pickings as Sendersky’s alto slithers along a Mediterranean flavored “Yello.” Other times, you get some Andalusian strums on “Muse” and even a breezy samba on “Intersection.” Kane’s cymbals prance along with Sendersky’s lithe soprano on “Solar Wind” and his alto sighs during Romano’s droplets of strings with slight undercurrents of agitation on “Time.” Gorgeous melancholia is  delivered by Sendersky’s alto as Kane’s brushes team with thoughtful pickings and chords on “Walking In St. Petersburg.” All throughout here, you get a feel of early morning freshness , and classy in the good sense. An album overflowing with rich ideas and even better, deliveries. Can’t wait for the followup! - George W. Harris
The Lenny Sendersky/Tony Romano Quartet sends Intersection into the better side of ambient jazz, riding the cross-winds of gypsy and world music — with a sense of urgency one minute, and all the time in the world the next. Mesmerizing, regardless. - Carol Banks Weber  AXS Contributor
LENNY SENDERSKY-TONY ROMANO/Intersection: This isn't a radical record but it is the kind of thing that has to exist in it's own time zone. Even with other players bringing up the rear, the sax/guitar duo have the kind of simpatico and vibe that keeps them front and center where they deliver their soaring sound of freedom borne in improv but taking wing that upends all clich├ęs. Proudly original throughout, this is a must hear sitting down date for people that don't need to be glued to their chairs. A winner throughout. - CHRIS SPECTOR

Label: LeTo Records 2016
Catalog Number: 002
Recording Dates: October 4th and 5th, 2014
Artists Home Market: New York City
Release Date: JANUARY 1, 2016
UPC Code: 0 40232 32154 2

Lenny Sendersky-Alto & Soprano Saxophone, Tony Romano-Guitar, Steve LaSpina-Bass,  Matt Kane-Drums

Track listing
1. Yello (L.Sendersky) 6:40
2. Words and Deeds (T.Romano) 6:26
3. Walking In St. Petersburg (L.Sendersky) 6:01
4. Muse (T.Romano) 6:22
5. Time (L.Sendersky) 5:33
6. Solar Wind (L.Sendersky) 4:04
7. Intersection ( (T.Romano) 6:44
8. Distance (T.Romano) 4:15
9. T-Rex (L.Sendersky) 5:22
10. Lift Off (T.Romano) 4:27 

Intersection is the second CD release from Lenny Sendersky and Tony Romano. This recording is a departure stylistically from their first CD “Desert Flower” (2013), and shows the evolution of their collaboration. Once again joined by veteran bassist Steve LaSpina and drummer Matt Kane, this recording is comprised of all original music written specically for this quartet.

With a fully formulated sound and direction, Sendersky and Romano have created something both unique and memorable, spreading their wings as composers and players.

“There’s a strong sense of liberation that fuels Sendersky’s alto/soprano sax glimmers with life and personality, free from any creative restraints”. —All About Jazz

“His (Tony’s) tone is beautiful and soulful, and his remarkable technique is a servant to his rich musical imagination”  —Just Jazz Guitar Magazine


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