Sunday, April 10, 2016




Pierre Favre
Chris Jaeger
Markus Lauterburg
Valeria Zangger
(Drums & Percussion)

1. Again (Favre) 7:58
2. Brushes Flock (Favre) 7:25
3. Roasting Syncope (Jaeger) 2:02
4. Dance of the Feline (Favre) 8:28
5. Sycamore (Lauterburg, Zangger) 0:52
6. Along (Favre, Jaeger) 2:24
7. Pow Wow (Favre) 5:45
8. Painted Face (Favre) 1:34
9. Tramping (Favre) 7:31
10. Woolly Jumper (Lauterburg) 1:46
11. Nuevel (Zangger) 1:27
12. Games (Favre) 9:35
Total time 56:54

Pierre Favre: The percussionist as poet; the drummer as soundscape painter; the composer as storyteller. Singing Drums was Pierre Favre’s first percussion ensemble. A title which sets the agenda: the search for a ‘voice’ for drums. Hardly any other drummer has worked as consistently with drumming and percussion ensembles as Pierre Favre.
Pierre Favre worked with his new ensemble with Chris Jaeger, Valeria Zangger and Markus Lauterburg for five years on this repertoire. Although most of the pieces are written compositions, they play them all off by heart and there is lots of room for im­provisation. Pierre Favre says: „And the most complex and risky parts are played with a smile.“
Pierre Favre writes in the notes: „This group has become an organism with a specific and recognizable sound. Some parts can be perceived by unsophisticated ears as lacking precision, but they are in fact wanted so, as mixing 5/8 and 6/8 rhythms, and some more too. The aim of it all is to create frictions, to open spaces in the listener’s feeling, to bring him to let go of his fear of leaving the ground and to use his wings!“