Saturday, April 9, 2016

KICKSTARTER/CANADA: Dreamsongs - a concept album that explores original arrangements of the music of Philip Glass and Chick Corea.

Dreamsongs is a concept album that explores original arrangements of the music of Philip Glass and Chick Corea. It is about a person who falls asleep, dreams, and wakes up. The music is artistically programmed to emulate the actuality of dreams, which sometimes blend together or change abruptly. It is both relaxing and highly engaging, and features elements of live improvisation.

The album was recorded and produced at an A level recording facility (OCL Studios) with the support of the Alberta Foundation of the Arts, with improvisational performance coaching sponsored by The Richard Cowie Memorial Scholarship (JazzYYC, and The Calgary Musicians' association).

Who is involved?

Each piece is arranged by Sean Perrin. Sean performs on clarinet (and marimba on 2 tracks!) and Rob Maciak performs on mallet percussion (marimba and vibraphone).

The album is produced by Juno-nominated Tyler Hornby, and it is engineered, mixed, and mastered by Juno award winning engineer Spencer Cheyne (also engineers Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Jocyln Alice, Johnny Summers, Al Muirhead).

Where will the funds be used?

Funds will be used to cover post-production costs including, but not limited to:

CD Printing
Digital Distribution
Music Licensing (royalties to Glass and Corea)
Shipping items to sponsors!

What if the project goes over budget!

If the project goes over budget THANK YOU so much for your support. Additional funds will be used to:

Meet additional printing and licensing demands
Provide local education and outreach concerts to schools free of charge to the school
developing new music for future release

Risks and challenges

There are very minimal risks. The project is already recorded, mixed, and mastered. The CD art is designed, and the royalties documents have been submitted.

At this point it just needs the support of listeners to become something physical that can be enjoyed the world over!

Thank you for your support and I look forward to sharing this project with you!

Sean Perrin.