Saturday, March 12, 2016

USA: Singer, Songwriter & Jazz Musician Elizabeth Geyer To Release Long Awaited New Album THE BRIDGE

Chicago, IL - “Elizabeth Geyer is a force of nature. An amazing singer and songwriter, original vocalist, wonderful trumpet player and
multi instrumentalist. She writes songs directly from the heart!” -

An endorsement like that from the man who signed Nora Jones, Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis is something to make one sit up and take
notice. The late great Lundvall even featured Elizabeth's music on his Sirius Radio XM Bluenote hour in 2013. Unusual for an unsigned artist!

But it's a long journey from her days as a freelance trumpet player to
her fourth and long awaited new album THE BRIDGE. Elizabeth remembers
a life changing moment, walking home from a jazz big band rehearsal
one sunny morning years ago. “I suddenly realized I couldn't do it
anymore, as grateful as I was, I had to find my own voice.” Find her
voice she did: Three albums later having swapped trumpet for
flugelhorn, piano and songwriting, Elizabeth had a small but growing
audience and some fans in high places.

David Hoffman, long term arranger and trumpet player for Ray Charles
says, “Elizabeth Geyer's music is heartfelt, soulful and beautiful.
She's equally proficient on piano and flugelhorn, both of which she
utilizes to enhance her deep clear voice. As a singer/songwriter she's
equal to the best. Her music is as honest as it gets!”

Which brings us to THE BRIDGE, a brand new collection of 13 songs and
Elizabeth's bravest most personal album to date. She explains how the
album came about – and another life changing moment. “I had waited
seven years for the right opportunity to record again. It had to feel
right. A CD had arrived in the post, IN THE LAND WHERE I COME FROM by
Paul Adams. Late one night a few seconds into my first listen, I just
knew. Everything about it was weird, wonderful, humble, charming and
timeless. All I had to do was contact and convince Paul.” Paul was
convinced – Elizabeth flew from Australia to Illinois and the rest
is history.

But back to Lundvall, as Bruce was a part of the magic of THE BRIDGE.
Paul explains “I had seen Bruce on ABC's 20/20 program expressing
regret in not signing the late Eva Cassidy. Somehow I found an email
address for him and wrote about Elizabeth's music and how Eva inspired
her. To my amazement Bruce got that email and phoned the next day
wanting one of her albums. A week later he phoned again wanting every
album she ever made. He was a champion – determined to get her
signed, phoning often sometimes just to say he was still listening. We
planned to meet but had to postpone due to recording commitments
before Elizabeth's flight back to Australia. Unfortunately Bruce was
battling Parkinson's disease. Sadly the album was not quite finished
when his health deteriorated rapidly. We could only send him cards as
he moved into assisted care.

Each of the 13 songs (Twelve by Elizabeth and one guitar piece by Paul
Adams) on THE BRIDGE are as personal, comforting and embracing as a
true friend. Paul states, “THE BRIDGE is like a classic novel. One
is pulled to the depth of the human condition, and each listen
delivers a new and wondrous take on the world within. It's a magical
story that continues to reveal itself listen after listen.”

And last but not least is Elizabeth collaborator here, the award
winning instrumentalist Adams. Never one to shy away from using exotic
instruments he builds – sitar, slide guitar and Native Flute to name
a few – in non-traditional ways (Check out his acclaimed new album
IMAGININGS which also features Elizabeth on piano, Indias Pravin
Godkhindi on Bansuri and David Hoffman on Flugelhorn). Paul draws upon
his vast array of talents perfectly to compliment, frame yet never
overwhelm Elizabeth's songs.

The result is a special collection delivered with the utmost level of
love, beauty and care. And it's been well worth the wait!

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