Saturday, March 5, 2016

USA: Ed Cherry "Soul Tree" (Posi-Tone 2016)


Ed Cherry "Soul Tree"

"Top-notch material that is interpreted in a refreshingly straightforward manner, a band that wholeheartedly embraces unity, and soloists who speak concisely and with character: These are the things that make Soul Tree a recording that can be enjoyed by listeners new to jazz and aficionados as well."
- David A. Orthmann, All About Jazz


Guitarist Ed Cherry grooves back onto the scene with his second record for Posi-Tone, "Soul Tree."  With organist Kyle Koehler and drummer Anwar Marshall, Cherry succeeds in offering listeners a fresh take on the art of the organ trio.  While the session is definitely straight forward and features some hard swinging highlights, the music is also elegantly lyrical and brilliantly evocative of a more modern jazz sensibility.  With an amazing combination of talents, some brilliant performances, and an evocative program of music, Ed Cherry's latest record "Soul Tree" is sure to bring bright moments to jazz fans everywhere.


listen to the track "Rachel's Step"


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