Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SPAIN: Melli-Despierta (2016)

Melli | Despierta 
Los temas, originales y arreglados por la propia banda, buscan fusionar el pop con estilos tan diversos como el funk, la bossa nova, el jazz o el latin. El resultado final es un Pop Fusión fresco y único, arropado por dos versátiles y cálidas voces.
Voces: Annelis y Angélica Suárez
Batería y Percusión: Melchor Enrique (Chiky)
Bajo: Alberto Tostado
Pianos y Teclados: Juan Robles
Hammond en "Ahora": Raúl Osuna

“Melli” is the musical project of Angelica and Annelis Suárez (Puerto Padre -Cuba- 18th December 1979). Singers and composers, they graduated in the prestigious Music University of ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte de Cuba), with a first class and maximum qualification in the Speciality of Lyric Singing.
They are both similar not only in the physical appearance, they are twins, but in their vocal and performing talent. Not just their wide vocal range, their tuning and the colour of their voices, but also for the diversity of the genres that they have ventured to interpret with total success, and for the striking, fresh, casual but elegant image they portray. “Melli” represents a very interesting example of a vocal format, fusing the traditional music of their native country (Cuba) and assuming the influences of the European music, jazz, bossa nova, R&B and adult pop.
They have two albums on the market: "In Same Soul" - 2004, Placer de Canos / Karonte - (accompanied by prestigious Cuban musicians) and "Reforms" - 2008, El Pescador de Estrellas / EMI - (from the help of producer Paco Ortega), a simple: "Laugh" - 2009, No Hunger - (with Juan Valverde) and her latest production, "Annelis" - 2012, Melli Music - in which "do everything" lyrics and music composition, arrangements, production, editing ... This, along with the following EP launch ("Angelica") make up the two parts of his next album: a collection of very special and personal songs that describe her musical essence