Wednesday, March 9, 2016


"Flamenco is the Andalusian Jazz"- Enrique Morente

The fusion between jazz and flamenco is undoubtedly one of the most exciting
artistic combinations emerging in Europe. Following the traditions of Enrique
Morente and Jorge Pardo, the Andalusian pianist Jesús Hernández, begins
"Bojaira" with deep Flamenco merging into his own personal language in a very
natural way. The originality of his music is also derived from experiences in
Classical, Caribbean and Brazilian music.

" This is an excellent contemporary flamenco... A must for music lovers
of all kinds... " Patrick Dalmace- JazzHot Magazine, November, 2014

"Hernández joins this tradition by offering a work of great stature
and personality. It is an intense sound project with various musical
aesthetics that flow together, intertwined, resulting in music of
extreme beauty and quality..." - Josep Ramon Jové, march 2015

" Bojaira is an interesting fusion of jazz and flamenco ... a
complete, honest and respectful album that does not betray jazz or
flamenco lovers. " Jazz Zone, New York, feb 2015

" A great album, with really great moments, ... this album will
necessarily be among the best of this year. " Distrito Jazz, feb 2014

LOS SABINEROS, a funny and personal tribute to Joaquín Sabina (one of
the most important singer-songwriters in Spain), and others artists.
Three years of unusuall repercution all over Spain. Open booking for
Eurpe gigs. Please fell free to ask for more information. Thanks.

TANGO REO, a funny but serious musical proposition, with a incredible
set list (Gardel, Julio Sosa, Cadícamo, Charlo, Troilo, Mariano Mores,
etc.) The biggers classics tango and bolero compositions, in a
personal and particulars versions.
Open booking for gigs all over Europe. For spanish and latin residents
anywhere. Please be free to ask for more information. Thanks.

Luis Otero et Ana Velia Trassens, a présenté son nouveau projet musical,
"Porque Cantamos", un concert hommage à Joan M. Serrat et la chanson
testimonial de l'Amérique latine (Paco Ibáñez, Astor Piazzolla, Mercedes Sosa,
María Elena Walsh, Silvio Rodriguez, Pablo Milanés, Atahualpa Yupanki, etc.)
Et présenté avec beaucoup de succès dans l'auditorium de Isidoro Máiquez
Grenade, Espagne (ci-joint des photos et des revues de presse), entreprendre
Maintenant une tournée espagnole et européenne de présenter ce matériel.
Recrutement ouvert 2015/2016. Merci beaucoup.

PORQUE CANTAMOS- a duet with versions of classic latinoamerica
testimonial songs.
Paco Ibáñez, Víctor Jara, Mercedes Sosa, Astor Piazzolla, and many others.

LOS SALMONES, a personal and funny concerto tribute to Andrés
Calamaro- an argentino rock star -, his group Los Rodríguez, and many others.
Trío group or quartet.

ANTIFACES INDIE ROCK- a power trío or cuartet, with own songs. Classic rocks.

TANGO REO, a personal tribute to biggers classics of tango & bolero
(Anibel Troilo, Julio Sosa, Discépolo, Armando Manzanero, Roberto
Cantoral, Trío Los Panchos, Olga Guillot, José Alfredo Jiménez, etc.)
In duet: piano, voice and guitars.