Sunday, March 27, 2016

NORWAY: Jon Balke - Warp (ECM 2016)

WarpWarp situates the solo piano of Norway’s Jon Balke within a subtle architecture of composed soundscapes, in fluctuating dimensions of space. “As always,” says Balke, “the more you explore and discover, the further you want to go, and things are not so simple anymore. It’s a very interesting process.” And what begins as gently exploratory solo piano gradually acquires an almost hallucinatory aspect. Balke’s solo piano was recorded at Oslo’s Rainbow Studio, and the sound images were recorded and processed by Balke and Audun Kleive. Additional field recordings by Balke were integrated in the mix of the album at RSI Studio Lugano in September 2015. Warp was produced by Jon Balke and Manfred Eicher. 

01Heliolatry (Balke) 03:19
02This Is the Movie (Balke) 05:18
03Bucolic (Balke) 04:05
04On and On (Balke) 04:57
05Bolide (Balke) 04:51
06Amarinthine (Balke) 03:03
07Shibboleth (Balke) 02:47
08Mute (Balke) 01:15
09Slow Spin (Balke) 04:23
10Boodle (Balke) 02:26
11Dragoman (Balke) 03:41
12Kantor (Balke) 04:05
13Geminate (Balke) 00:53
14Telesthesia (Balke) 01:29
15Geminate var. (Balke) 01:58
16Heliolatry var. (Balke) 03:51