Saturday, March 26, 2016

FINLAND:New music from vocalist Johanna Elina with a contribution by Sigur Ros producer

Expanding the boundaries of alternative pop, traditional song formats and idea of jazz, Johanna Elina builds up her own universe questioning the idioms of the already known. Sigur Ros producer Birgir Jon Birgisson provides mastering for her second album "Belonging".

Landing into Copenhagen 6 years ago and hooking up with the innovative and open-minded musicians has led to her to e.g discover the new platform for vocal improvisation and with IKI (winner of the Danish Music Grammy 2011), many improv. and modern jazz collaborations including the legendary Tomasz Stanko experience and many others. Johanna's attitude towards music is about personal sound, that gives the freedom to cross the borders between different genres.

With her own group "Johanna Elina" she released her first solo album 2011 and is now about to release the second one. Inspiration for music is drawn from the intimate, personal experiences, exploring the circle of life - birth and  death, alienation and travel towards "Belonging." She's discovering the new studio techniques and post production, and the mixture of analog synths, drums and guitar with big respect for the melodies is the core of this album. Johanna traveled to Island to finish up the work at the Sundlaugin studio with Birgir Jon Birgisson, who's also known as being the producer/ sound engineer of Sigur Ros.

Her second album "Belonging" will be out in May in Finland and Estonia via Eclipse Music. Danish label DME will release the album in the autumn in Denmark, The UK and other territories.

Rytmihäiriö Helsinki 11.5.
Flame Jazz Turku 13.5.
Philly Joe's Tallinna 14.5. 

Tapio Ylinen / Eclipse Music
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