Monday, February 29, 2016

USA: Marcos Varela-San Ygnacio (Origin Records 2016)

San Ygnacio
Though a well-established member of New York's jazz scene for the past 12 years, bassist and composer Marcos Varela looks back to his birthplace of San Ygnacio, Texas and his trek still in progress as inspiration for his debut recording. Pulling together mentors and brothers in music - including master drummer Billy Hart, pianist George Cables, saxophonist Dayna Stephens and trombonist Clifton Anderson - they supply a warm depth of spirit to this collection of compositions, some from the playlists from his tours with the bands of Billy Hart, Winard Harper, and Clifton Anderson, along with Varela's own originals. From his family's move to present day Southern Texas from old-world Spain, his youth in Houston with its deep blues and church music influences, and his years in NY performing constantly with legendary masters and highly-regarded peers, 'San Ygnacio' reveals elements of all that while offering an exciting introduction to a dynamic musical voice. '. . . his tone, choice of notes and compositions will place his playing and name on the list of bassists to be heard' - Ron Carter