Monday, February 1, 2016

New JazzWorldQuest Featured Musician: Elliott Ranney - singer/songwriter

‘Music like an Island Breeze,’ best describes Elliott Ranney, a Folk-Jazz singer/songwriter performing finger style on classical guitar. His focus spans the genres of Bossa/Samba, The Cool School and contemporary Folk-Pop music. Ranney follows his bliss with original compositions inspired by Tom Jobim, Michael Franks, Tom Waits and Steely Dan, to name a few.
Apart from concert appearances, Elliott incorporates cover tunes and original compositions into his winery/coffee house/cafe show. He has an eclectic esoteric song list featuring well known artists. It’s not a juke box offering, but rather a careful selection of songs suited to Ranney’s laid back vocal and intricate guitar style.
Ranney’s two commercially released albums; an Aging Sailor’s Dream (2001) and Bellevue Shuffle (2013) are prime examples showcasing his variety of music he has gravitated to. In 2012, Inpartmaint, Inc re-released An Aging Sailor’s Dream (ASD) on the Rip Curl Records label based in Tokyo, Japan. November 19, 2015, a song from ASD, ‘A Good Life,’ was released on a compilation album titled HMV&Books Tokyo – Library Music Series “Sparkle.”

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