Thursday, February 11, 2016

ITALY: Tiziana Ghiglioni - Tiziano Tononi With Jay Clayton ‎– River Tales (Our Dreams Are Still Alive!)(Splasc(H) Records 2015)

1  Beginning: Clouds (Black Hills)
2  Drops In Motion (Chippewa) Beaver Creek
3  The Legend Of The River And The Woman Singing (Mandan - Hidatsa) Missouri River
4  Follow The Streams (Nez-Percés) Clearwater / Salmon
5  Swimmin' Into Your Water (Crow) Yellowstone River
6  Yellow Moon Lullaby (Cheyenne) Washita River
7  Drippin' Off The Drops (Arapaho) Platte River
8  Blue Waters / The Wood Song (Oglala) Powder River
9  Spirit Of The River (Minneconju) Rosebud River
10  Medicine Woman / Healing Waters (Hunkpapa-Teton) Tongue River
11  On The River Shore: Invocation For A Newborn Child (Santee) Rapid Creek
12  Echoes From The Washita: Our Dreams Are Still Alive (Brulè) Bad River
13  River Prayer (Shoshone) Medicine Bow River
14  The Rapids / Medicine Lake / Waterfalls (Blackfeet) Bighorn River
15  Deep River: Full Circle (Wallowa)

Drums, Bells, Whistle [Whistles], Rattle [Rattles], Shekere [Shekeres], Maracas, Wood Block [Woodblocks], Slit Drum [Log Drum], Crotales, Wind Chimes, Gong [Gongs], Frame Drum – Tiziano Tononi
Voice –  Tiziana Ghiglioni