Saturday, February 13, 2016

ITALY: Daniele Morelli - Mision Azul (OFF 2016)

1.Pez de Madera
2.Mision Azul
4.Chiapas e Nuvole, Pt.1
5.Regreso Lacandon
6.El Vuelo del Quetzal
8.Chiapas e Nuvole, Pt.2
9.Falta de Agua

Tracks 1-7:
Daniele Morelli - guitar
Jahaziel Arrocha - tenor sax
Arturo Baez - double bass
Fernando Barrios - drums
Luis Miguel Costero - tablas (2,7)
Tracks 8-9:
Daniele Morelli - guitar
Cristian Mendoza - soprano sax
Roberto Blanco - piano
Romeo Ramos - bass
Abraham Calderon - drums

Mision Azul is a jazz album inspired by and dedicated to Mexico.
The mood, the arrangements and the color of the tunes are based on the emotions and reflexions coming from a big town like Mexico city to the lost jungle in the south and the indigenous communities in Chiapas.
Blue is the connecting color of the tracks as it was the sacred color of the Mayas.
Composed and arranged by Italian guitarist Daniele Morelli who is spending most of his time living and playing all over Mexico, Mision Azul was recorded with a band of musicians from Mexico, El Salvador, Panama and Chile.
An interesting mix of European and South-American Jazz cultures giving birth to a very emotional album of traditionally and contemporary jazz music.