JWQ Showcase 2017

Sunday, February 28, 2016

BRAZIL/SPAIN/SWEDEN/CUBA/SWITZERLAND: FEB 2016 | Pellegrino Live Music Musical Programming Booking

María Toro Quartet
The Colors and exoticism of Jazz Flamenco
Line-up: María Toro, flute | Jean-Michel Pilc, piano |Ben Street, double bass | Justin Brown, drums
Ulf Wakenius Trio
An electrifying organ trio with the best guitar jazz repertoire. Line-up: Ulf Wakenius, guitar | Leonardo Corradi, organ | Tony Match, drums
https://youtu.be/yMnX7HdCtbc (Full concert in Brazil, May 2015)
Leny Andrade & Quintet
The legend of Brazilian Jazz & Bossa
Line-up: Leny Andrade, vocals | João C Coutinho, piano | Ney Conceição, bass | Paulinho Trumpete, trumpet | Widor Santiago, sax | Erivelton Silva, drums
https://youtu.be/Pr9GNKn7fgU (Ronnie Scotts, UK. 2014)
https://youtu.be/Jx9_iml9ns4 (Boehmia Jazz Fest, CZ, 2014)
https://youtu.be/ooeQ8WdvqMg (Umbria Jazz Winter, 2010)
Cainã Cavalcante & Michael Pipoquinha Duo
Bass & Guitar virtuous duo from Brazil's northeast Line-up: Cainã Cavalcante, guitar | Michael Pipoquinha, bass
BOOKING NOW: EUROPE (June 23 to 26 & July 3 to 12)
CONFIRMED July 2nd: Rigas Ritmi Festival, Latvia
Yilian Cañizares Quintet
A powerfull flow of fresh and modern mix of latin with world. Line-up: Yilian Cañizares, violin | Daniel Stawinski, piano | David Brito, bass | Cyril Regamey, drums | Inor Sotolongo, percussion
CONFIRMED July 1st: Rigas Ritmi Festival, Latvia
*East/North Europe/South America
Gabriel Grossi Trio
Ease, explosion and breathtaking improvisations. One of the most virtuous jazz harmonica players of the world.  Line-up: Gabriel Grossi, harmonica | Jurandir Santana, guitar | Reinaldo Boaventura, percussion
Pellegrino Live Music
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