Friday, January 22, 2016

USA: Jason Miles & Ingrid Jensen: Kind of New (Whaling City Sound 2016)

Jason Miles & Ingrid Jensen: Kind of New
This album is a collaboration between producer/keyboardist Jason Miles and trumpet greatIngrid Jensen. Inspired by Miles Davis' Cellar Door sessions,""Kind Of New"" creates a new vibe mixing electric and acoustic, percussion with electric grooves, and drums with electronic percussion. Nine tracks see Miles and Jensen joined by such eminent players as Jay Rodriguez, James Genus, Jeff Coffin, Adam Dorn, Amanda Ruzza, Steve Wolf, JonWikan, Nir Felder, Cyro Baptista, Mike Clark and Jerry Brooks.
Jason Miles - keyboards
Ingrid Jensen - trumpet

Jay Rodriguez - tenor, barritone,soprano sax, bass clarinet on 2,5,7,8,11,12
Jeff Coffin- tenor, barritone,soprano sax on 7
James Genus - bass on 7
Jerry Brooks - bass on 5,11,12
Amanda Ruzza - bass on 2,3,8
Adam Dorn - bass on 7
Nir Felder - guitar on 9
Gene Lake - drums on 4,7
Mike Clark - drums on 5,11,12
Jon Wilson - drums on 2, percussion on 1,5,6,8,11,12
Steven Wolf - drums programming on 7
Cyro Baptista - percussion on 7
Whaling City Sound