Monday, January 4, 2016

GERMANY: Albrecht Schrader - Warm Hugs'n Silly Grooves (2015)

01.Clumsy Eric (03:00)
02.Fancy Jill (02:29)
03.Lonely Sarah (02:56)
04.Sneaky Pete (02:36)
05.Frisky Sally (03:52)
06.Jittery James (02:12)
07.Dreamy Albert (02:44)
08.Grumpy Jack (02:46)
09.Sleepy Stella (03:16)
Warm Hugs ´n Silly Grooves was once just a cute title before it became a group of characters that were assembled in Albrecht Schrader`s mind. He didn´t know them at first but after some time they came to life and were carefully turned into music. Most of these characters are quite likeable. Some might be a bit shady, obnoxious, maybe even downright despicable, but who cares! Meet them and hear for yourself.