Thursday, January 21, 2016

BULGARIA/USA:Hristo Vitchev Quartet - "In Search of Wonders" - The brand new and highly anticipated double album by the Hristo Vitchev Quartet

The impressionistic modern jazz guitarist from Bulgaria (now based in
San Francisco, CA) releases his 7th album as a leader this month!

The highly anticipated double album by the impressionistic Hristo
Vitchev Quartet marks the 7th release as a leader for the
internationally acclaimed guitarist.

The new compositions and sonic textures explored here, catalog the
evolution of this award winning group over the last decade, and
present a sound and style that is completely unique and truly
identifiable with the quartet. For the recording of this project the
group decided to first take the music on the road all around the
world, and let each piece evolve night after night, letting it settle
naturally and effortlessly into its final shape and place, which you
can now experience on this marvelous release.

The album is now available on First Orbit Sounds Music:

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"The Wonder Man - and Friends"

For those who have discovered the compositions and artistry of
Bulgarian American Hristo Vitchev, congratulations! This new recording
is a gift to you. For those who have yet to experience the manner in
which this gifted guitarist and composer brings a new vitality and
globally significant response to jazz, this is as fine an aperitif as
any of his six CDs. IN SEARCH OF WONDERS may reference the music
Vitchev has been exploring for the past years, but it is also quite a
step forward in sophistication, as if these songs/melodies/ideas have
been gestating or brewing long enough to come into full bloom here.
And as usual the music is packaged in a quality case that features the
lushly evocative artwork of Vitchev.

The Hristo Vitchev Quartet continues with the guitar artistry of
Vitchev, the superb piano of Jasnam Daya Singh (Weber Iago), the solid
support (musically and emotionally) of Dan Robbins on bass and the
impressive contribution of Mike Shannon on drums. The sound we hear
here is a mysterious mixture of classical line, jazz technique in
approach, new age, and experimental/spiritual - blended in a manner
that is immediately recognizable as the sound of Hristo Vitchev -
Impressionism . Each of the fifteen compositions on the two discs here
are by Vitchev and his magnanimous spirit is evident in the manner in
which he distributes the solo lines equally among the quartet members.
Vitchev may supply the mood and the musical line for each song but it
is the manner in which each member of this fine ensemble explores the
possibilities of expression of that initial line that makes this music
such a sold success.

In what this listener considers his finest recording to date, Hristo
offers the following compositions on two discs:
The Transitory Nature
It May Backfire
Post Nubes
Fuchsia Brown Eyes
In Search of Wonders
Almost Home - Intro
Almost Home
Falling in Orange
Old Theme
It is Here, Somewhere
Stay (Prelude)
Without Words, As the Full Moon Shines
The Invisible Stairway
We Search For Wonders

Splendid compositions, first rate performances, and an invitation to a
spiritual place - it is all here, generously shared by the inimitable
Hristo Vitchev. Highly Recommended. - Grady Harp (Amazon Music

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