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ITALY: "Made in Italy" by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge fly in Lithuania after Cuba


"Made in Italy" by Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge fly in Lithuania after Cuba
Sold out at the Culture Week in Cuba, Lo Russo ready for other concerts

«I left Cuba in increasingly a charge that is hard to abandon. The audience savor the art, my music, eating it, and this fills me with satisfaction. Rich emotions and joy, sharing, that's what I take away from this wonderful experience». Marco Lo Russo aka Rouge, returning from the XVIII Italian Culture Week in Cuba, organized by the Italian Embassy in Havana, carries a suitcase full of applause and rewards; dates of concerts in repeated public clamor, changes of location at the last minute because too many spectators could not attend the concert ... a Cuba in love with Marco Lo Russo, italian composer and accordionist, enterprising young man who by his own forces he carries on, around the world, the project to re-evaluate a tool always relegated to the dance halls and festivals, making honor and turning it into an instrument noble and decent: the accordion.
In season with one of the more famous name in italian music, the violinist Uto Ughi, Marco Lo Russo has "sold out" in all three concerts included in the preview and in the Italian Culture Week, held last November, so much so that the show premiered with his music, Caminos with the dance company Retazos, directed by Isabel Bustos, he has seen a replica out program. The opening concert, organized dall'Oficina Leo Brouwer, has seen its special appearance as soloist with the Orchestra of Havana directed by Dajana Garcia; for several years Marco Lo Russo collaborates with Maestro Leo Brouwer and including a concert and another, together are bringing to fruition an important work of transcription of works by the same Brouwer. Originally written for guitar, scores, have been adapted for solo accordion by Marco Lo Russo and performed the world premiere in 2012 and will be published shortly.
Great gratification for Marco Lo Russo for the closing concert of the Italian Culture Week entitled "Made in Italy" held, just to meet the demands of the large audience, in the central Old Plaza in Havana, accompanied on stage by cuban rock star David Blanco«a non-stop romp in perfect harmony, blending different styles of music, just what I love when I have the pleasure to perform with artists from different cultural and artistic education for me», said the italian performer. Made in Italy it is not just a concert but it is a concept that Marco Lo Russo holds in particular and that will promote the brand "Italy" in the world, in Cuba involving known local artists and, of course, David Blanco and the beautiful actress Sheila Roche.
Already Marco is ready to start again, this time will perform in Lithuania, Palanga, December 19 when he play alongside Aurelija Matuleviciute to Ramybe, cultural center of internationally renowned artists, also working on the "Sensual Duo".
Back in Italy, December 23 at 16.30, Marco Lo Russo held a press conference at the studios of Radio Immagine (FM 97.0-92.0) moderated by journalist Renata Guerrini; Lo Russo will answer questions from the local press, reserving the right to perform and send greetings to his fellow citizens live on radio.

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