Friday, November 20, 2015

UK/NORWAY/AUSTRIA: FOOD: Iain Ballamy Thomas Strønen Christian Fennesz -This Is Not A Miracle (2015)

Iain Ballamy: saxophones, electronics; Thomas Strønen: drums, electronics, percussion, Moog, Fender Rhodes ; Christian Fennesz: guitar, electronics

The British/Norwegian Food duo of Iain Ballamy and Thomas Strønen are joined again by Austrian guitarist and electronics player Christian Fennesz for a new album of powerful grooves, evocative textures and exploratory improvisation, sometimes hypnotically insistent, sometimes turbulent. The project was recorded with engineer Ulf Holand and mixed together with Manfred Eicher the first time Eicher and Holand have collaborated since Nils Petter Molvaer s Khmer, almost 20 years ago. Thomas Strønen describes the sound of This Is Not A Miracle as heavier, dryer, connecting more with how we actually sound live.