Sunday, November 15, 2015

SWITZERLAND: Final Step- Three Sails (2015)

FINALLY Final Step's Three Sails - Live @ Il Magazzino has arrived!
You can watch and listen to some samples from the new CD/DVD here:
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Matteo Finali, guitar Fabio Buonarota, trumpet Walter Calafiore, saxophones Alessandro Ponti, hammond, keyboards Francesca Morandi, electric bass Dario Milan, drums Silvano De Tomaso, percussions

Recorded live by Mauro Fiero @ Il Magazzino, Losone (Switzerland)
Mixed and mastered by Mauro Fiero @ Studio Canaa, Losone (Switzerland)
Concept video by Stefano Ferrari
Video edited by Dario Milan @ Drum'n'Noise Studio, Losone (Switzerland)
Graphics by Angela Riganti
Photo by Sara Gambelli
Cover draw by Sergio Morello, Bateau Ivre (1982)

Special thanks to:
Marco Finali & Associazione Vibrisse
Silvia Finali & Iniziative Gea
All other people that helped in several and different ways to make this thing possilbe!
With the support of: