Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ITALY: Hyper+ Amir ElSaffar tour



Hyper+ Amir ElSaffar tour

From November the 10th to November the 24th Hyper+ is going on tour with one of the most interesting musician of the contemporary jazz scene, Amir ElSaffar, as special guest. 
Below the tour dates:

- 10 november, h 10.00 pm: Le Cantine Dell’Arena, Verona
- 13 november, h 09.00 pm: Exwide, Pisa
- 16 november, h 09.00 pm: Ferrara Jazz Club, Ferrara
- 18 november, h 09.00 pm: Cockney London Pub, Correzzola, Padova
- 20 november, h 09.00 pm: Ricominciodatre, Corciano, Perugia
Facebook: RicomincioDaTreMusicClub

- 22 november, h 06.00 pm: Soloqui, Zero Branco, Treviso
- 24 november, h 09.00 pm: live recording session in Trieste, Scuola di Musica 55, Trieste


Amir Elsaffar (trumpet, voice)
Nicola Fazzini (alto & soprano sax)
Alessandro Fedrigo (electric & acoustic bass)
Luca Colussi (drums)

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