Saturday, October 17, 2015

USA/ITALY : MoonJune new release: Slivovitz - All You Can Eat

MoonJune Records New Release
"All You Can Eat"

The undisputed masters of progressive gypsy electro-ecletic jazz from Naples, Italy, return to the table after a four-year studio absence. Their previous effort for MoonJune, the rousing Bani Ahead, saw Slivovitz raise their game to new heights: pushing the envelope of modern jazz in the post-Zappa era, and in joyous, effervescent fashion. Fans of the Italian septet will find their craving for a follow-up richly rewarded, with the band's circumspect, third-person view of American culture (and, perhaps, overindulgence), All-You-Can-Eat.

As its title might indicate, the musicians, both individually, and collectively, push proceedings well into the realm of excess -- cooking up a diverse palette of brilliantly-conceived examples of the finest in Italian sonic cuisine, and performed with a commensurate level of excellence. Hurdling complex arrangements and dramatic compositional shifts and transitions with deft skill and grace, the group displays an unparalleled level of polish, inventiveness and unity throughout this eight-course feast for the ears.

Not unlike their namesake, the fun-loving high octane progressive jazz-rock combo becomes ever silkier and more delectable with age. All-You-Can-Eat is one sizzling, satisfying musical meal you won't stop craving ... one taste and you'll have to have another helping! For those who thought Bani Ahead was Slivovitz's magnum opus, perhaps you left the dining hall too soon: this chef-d'oeuvre is the pièce de résistance, packed with robust flavors and a zestful essence that will keep you coming back for more! 

​Recorded, mixed and mastered by Fabrizio Piccolo @ Trail Studio, Naples, Italy in May /June 2015

CD available here:
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PIETRO SANTANGELO tenor & alto sax
MARCELLO GIANNINI electric & acoustic guitars
RICCARDO VILLARI acoustic and electric violin
DEREK DI PERRI harmonica