Sunday, October 4, 2015

USA: Tom Glenn - Shuffle Time (2015)

 Tom Glenn | Shuffle Time

  The Performers:
Tom Glenn (Composer and Guitarist) learned his instrument from Pat Martino,a master of the Jazz Guitar.He went on to compose numerous scores for NFL Films,New Jersey Network (EMMY AWARD 1987),Columbia Records and various other outlets.He has performed in numerous jazz fests,concerts and with many artists throughout the US.
His motto states that if you want to sound great,surround yourself with great performers! The ones on this CD are just that!
Keyboards-Tom director for Bette Midler,performer on Jay Leno's Tonite Show,etc,
Sax/Flute-Denis DiBlasio......featured for years with the Maynard Ferguson band,head of JazzDepartment at ROWAN University,etc.
BASS-Andy Lalasis.....toured worldwide with Pat Martino,perfomed as bassist with hundreds of leading acts in Atlantic City,etc.
Drums-Grant MacAvoy...enshrined on the Philly Music Walk of Fame,recorded for over 30 years with many famous artists
To maintain the live sound and feel of our music,we recorded directly to tape at RADScape Recording owned by Randy Weaver.
"We just got done listening to Tom's wonderful CD! Fabulous playing(very smooth),excellently recorded,innovative and sophisticated chord structures,and a tight ensemble". In the short time since its completion,"Shuffle Time" has received rave reviews and enormous response from listeners!
The music on Shuffle Time is appealing to both jazz afficienados and lovers of good melody and rhythms....just about anyone who incorporates music in their daily routine......we hope you enjoy our songs!