Saturday, October 24, 2015

SLOVENIA/NETHERLANDS: Kaja Draksler & Matiss Cudars - Miniatures from Our Living Room (2015)

Miniatures from Our Living Room, Kaja Draksler

Duo of guitarist Matīss Čudars and pianist Kaja Draksler was born in Amsterdam in autumn 2013.
Their free improvisations are at moments shaped by concrete motives from their original compositions, stylistically the musicians draw from the legacy of Baltic and Amsterdam improvisation scenes, and common jazz education. Their approach to the instruments is orchestral, they are interested in color and texture possibilities of the given instrumentation.
Alongside the conventional piano-guitar set up, and depending on the event, Draksler also plays prepared piano, rhodes and organ, while Čudars works with a set of effects, prepared guitar and electronics.