Monday, September 14, 2015

USA/Lithuania: Hernan Romero - Strings And Air (Intuition 2015)


Playing music with only six nylon strings and a bit of air: What sounds like fragments of musical stopgaps at first impression once again becomes a masterpiece of minimalist virtuosity and unpretentious emotionalism in the hands of Grammy winner Hernán Romero. Following the celebrated "Tres Caras de una Moneda" with Hernán's mother Estela Raval and Al di Meola as well as Jerry Marottaof from Peter Gabriel's band, the guitarist of Spanish ancestry born in Argentina and currently living in New York presents an album together with the Lithuanian soprano saxophonist Kęstas Vaiginis that is full of breathtaking facets, which creates a great effect precisely due to its airy, celebrated minimalism.