Tuesday, September 8, 2015

USA: Robin Gregory - Something To Live For (Wildbird Records 2015)

Robin Gregory | Something to Live For

01. Sentimental Journey (3:31)
02. Take The 'A' Train (3:08)
03. Stormy Weather (6:04)
04. Why Don't You Do Right (3:31)
05. Something To Live For (6:59)
06. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby (2:52)
07. Strange (3:14)
08. I'd Do Anything (3:39)
09. It's Magic (4:50)
10. You Turned The Tables On Me (3:45)

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When I sing, I want to tell a story. Although rhythmic concepts, melodic techniques, and chord changes are important, when people listen to a singer, they want to be moved. They want to be touched. They want to journey to those places within themselves that are not easy to reach, on an ordinary day. My goal is to reach those places, and to bond with the listener in a mutual acknowledgement of the commonality of human feeling. Jazzmusic, which finds its ultimate roots in the blues, is a music which grabs the emotion, stirs the intellect, causes intense reflection, makes your foot tap, and more often than not, just makes you feel really happy. My fervent wish is that when you hear my music, you remember yourself.