Thursday, September 10, 2015

USA: Ode to Omni-Anchors (2015)

Ode to Omni | Anchors Anchors is Ode to Omni’s second release, following October’s Fire (Fall 2013). The true intent of Anchors is to help people self-reflect on what it is that "anchors" them through life. In society we find so much of our security in EXTERNAL things. Things that will, in time, pass away such as jobs, finances, technology, etc. The objective of this record is not only to be enjoyed by the listener musically, but to also connect them with God so that their anchor may be ETERNAL.

The title track “Anchors” features vocalist Maricia Danielle. It was inspired by witnessing loved ones go through a situation that required more strength than they could produce on their own, that required more than love, money and sacrifice. The purpose of the song allows the listener to reflect on what their anchor is and if it's strong enough.

“Flesh and Spirit” is an edgier composition on the Album. It's rock oriented with a dynamic solo featuring saxophonist Max Swan. The song embodies our struggle of wanting to do something good with the ever-present choice of doing the opposite of what you want to do. It's almost like being in a war, but the enemy is you.

The upbeat feel of “Audacity” is a fun song that features three totally different parts that all cohesively work together. It is a bold, in your face, high-energy song that features a call and response melody between guitar and horn section. The song then moves into a horn section-like soli followed by two solos by trombonist Frank Rein and electric guitarist Andy Bree.

The Album closes with the track “Glory,” a feel-good funky tune with firing solos by tenor saxophonist Sam Greenfield, electric guitarist Josh Nussbaum, and drummer Marcus Myers. The inspiration behind “Glory” is to simply glorify God in song—capturing the praise and adoration through this composition.

With unique backgrounds of training, experience, and musicality, the members of OTO build a powerful message of inspiration and create a special experience for their audience.

The members of OTO are: Jon Bradley (Piano/Aux.), Andy Bree (Guitar), Josh Nussbaum (Guitar), Matthew Keppler (Bass), Rick Rein (Trumpet), Max Swan (Alto Saxophone), Frank Rein (Trombone), Maricia Danielle (Vocals), Darryl Jackson (Aux. Percussion) and Marcus Myers (Percussion).