Saturday, September 12, 2015

USA: Lonnie Liston Smith-Visions Of A New World (Bgp 2015)

The follow-up to his classic, 'Expansions', reissued with original artwork and new sleeve notes. Considered a jazz funk masterpiece, this is a worthy addition to our series of Flying Dutchman releases. This reissue has been made Lonnie Liston Smith's involvement and the notes are based on new interviews with him. A classic in its own right, it made the Top 20 of Billboard's R&B charts and reached the top of the Jazz charts. Its lead track was also a single, the R&B hit 'A Chance For Peace (Give Peace A Chance)'.
1. A Chance For Peace
2. Love Beams
3. Colors Of The Rainbow
4. Devika (Goddess)
5. Sunset
6. Visions Of The New World (Phase I)
7. Visions Of The New World (Phase II)
8. Summer Nights