Thursday, September 3, 2015

USA: Gail and the Guys Celebrate the Ladies and Remember Bernie (2015)

Gail and the Guys | Gail and the Guys Celebrate the Ladies and Remember Bernie 

I promise you will understand every word of these timeless standards. And I hope you will smile as I do when you hear the expressive play on piano, trumpet, double bass, and percussion by "The Guys."
"Have bar stool, can sing!" has been my message to small combos in Florida and Maine and their welcoming audiences. How fulfilling it has been to call out, " Over The Rainbow in E flat ! " and take off for everyone's enjoyment.
Searching questions led to the choices and sequence for this album: Who are my favorite past women vocalists? What pairs of their best-loved songs can I sing meaningfully?
Finally, an unexpected family event changed our lives and became part of the music content and art design. My only son, Chicago's beloved musical theatre performer Bernie Yvon, left us suddenly in a vehicle accident on September 6, 2014. Now everyone will remember Bernie in bright colors and hear my spoken dedication recorded ironically months before our loss....."For my number one son of all time...." as well as the fitting last song, Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye."
I believe Bernie is pleased with our result and hope you will be also.