Sunday, September 20, 2015

GERMANY: VA - Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic IV: Accordion Night (ACT 2015)

The programme is the star at “Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic”. The aim of the concert series, curated and produced by Siggi Loch, is to bring together different musicians in a way that has never been seen or heard before, with one thematic focus. On 13 February 2015, the eighth edition at the sold out Kammermusiksaal saw the spotlight focus on the accordion.

01. Tango Loco
02. South Africa
03. Love
04. Horgalaten
05. Oriental Hoedown
06. Egyptian Fantasy
07. Song Of Medina - Casbah
08. 3 Temps pour Michel‘P
09. Libertango


Klaus Paier: accordion
 Régis Gizavo: accordion, vocals
 Stian Carstensen: accordion
 Vincent Peirani: accordion
 Asja Valcic: cello
 Nguyên Lê: guitar
 Adam Baldych: violin
 Emile Parisien: soprano saxophone