Thursday, June 11, 2015

TURKEY: Mehmet Polat Trio - a spiritual bridge of sounds from the Middle East to the Balkans and Africa with Ney, Kora and Ud

Mehmet Polat Trio - Next Spring
Live concert reviews: 

The concert was a combination of peace, calmness and mesmerizing melodies on black backdrop of the hall, inviting you to travel to another time and a different world. - Jazzkaar Festival, Estonia

The music of the Mehmet Polat Trio was a cure for the soul with the sincerity and pure emotions of their songs. - Jazzkaar Festival, Estonia

Mehmet Polat Trio was a tasty musical color spectrum, the mix of different cultures, melodically rich. A beautiful translucence, like a relaxing snack from Vaba Lava concerts as a change in between. - Jazzrytmit, Finland

The Middle East mixes with improvised jazz and African elements in a move to explore and dissolve borders, while at the same time effortlessly fusing the here and now into the crossovers. - Zinesters, Netherlands

Upcoming concerts:

13 June  Mezrab, Amsterdam  NL
4 July  Gezi Festival in Bergsebos, Rotterdam  NL
5 July  WestWaarts Festival in Erasmuspark, Amsterdam  NL
7 July  Zuid WTC, Amsterdam  NL
15 July  Vredeskerkje, Bergen aan Zee  NL
29 August  Mañana Mañana Festival, Hummelo  NL - at 12.00
29 August  Mañana Mañana Festival, Hummelo  NL - at 21.00
12 September  Kulturzentrum Bzalel-Synagoge /SommerMusikWelten, Lich  DE
27 September  Orient Festival in Deventer Schouwburg, Deventer  NL
1-10 October  Turkey Tour  TR
10-13 December IMEX, Kolkata  IN (optional)
16 December  Opera de Lille, Lille  FR
Mehmet Polat (Turkey) Ud
Sinan Arat (Turkey) Ney 
Albert Distelbrink (Netherlands) Kora (Substituting for Zoumana Diarra)

Buy & download the debut album Next Spring: 


Mehmet Polat Trio - You are not alone

Watch on Youtube: Mehmet Polat Trio - You are not alone

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