Monday, June 15, 2015

SWITZERLAND: Christian Niederer's PLAN ‎– Jack (Unit Records 2015)

The music of „PLAN“ reminds of a soundtrack to life, it crackles and crashes, it lingers, is soft and sometimes not what you expect.
The three musicians, Oliver Keller (guitars), Björn Meyer (bass) and Christian Niederer (drums) unfold a joy of playing that blows away the most witty mood in your every day life and gives you the soul of experiencing great music.
Drummer Christian Niederer („tré“, Jean-Paul Brodbeck Group, The Clients) brought to life his Trio „PLAN“, where he presents music from his heart, attended by sharpness and brains. Somnambulisticly, the musicians find the right balance between delicate, ambient moods and archaic grooves – everything according to PLAN!
Unit Records