Friday, June 12, 2015

ROMANIA/VIDEO: Raul Kusak and cellist Adrian Naidin: “Cântice'n Cerc” - Songs in Circle

Pianist Raul Kusak and cellist Adrian Naidin, two musicians with different personalities and careers explore traditional themes in a truly unique fusion. With the clear origins in the traditional Romanian vein, the musicians created a dialogue based on their own experiences and musical meetings to reach the current zone specific to the European jazz. A non-conformist, blending traditional and avant-garde techniques, Raul Kusak tests his imagination in this unusual acoustic experiment.

It is worth mentioning that Raul Kusak wrote the music for Fredrik Bond's film The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (2013) while Adrian Naidin inspired and worked with the Greek director Mihalis Kakogiannis.

Raul Kusak - piano
Adrian Naidin - cello / vocals
Eugen Amarandei - double bass
Adi Chiru - kazoo
Gabriel Balasa - percussion