Monday, June 1, 2015

BELGIUM: Peter Hertmans Quartet ‎– Dedication( W.E.R.F 2015)

Guitar- player PETER HERTMANS has been since ever a prominent value in the Belgian jazz circuit. Not only as a musician, but also as an educator he managed to influence a whole generation of young jazz players and inspired them with the love for jazz.
He started his career in the early eighties together with contemporaries as Erik Vermeulen, Dre Pallemaerts, Jan de Haas , Philippe Aerts… Not long after, he joins the BRT Jazz orchestra, where he plays with amongst others Bert Joris, Sadi , … In the nineties he is fond of the limelight and in 1999 he starts on our label name with his band “Ode for Joe”, an homage to sax player Joe Henderson.
Today- 15 years later and with a lot more cd’s on diverse labels- he comes back with his own Peter Hartman Quartet. The title “ Dedication” has a double connotation. On the one hand, he dedicates the composition to friends, family and artists who inspired and supported him throughout his career. On the other hand the title illustrates his own dedication to his beloved jazz music.
His quartet has , besides himself on acoustic and electric guitar, the flute player Daniel Stokaert , the bass player from the Netherlands, Theo de Jong and drummer Lionel Beuvens.