Friday, May 22, 2015

USA: The City Boys Allstars New CD "Personal Thing" & Upcoming Live Appearances

New CD "Personal Thing"
& Upcoming Live Appearances

May 22nd
1348 Rte 9W, Marlboro, NY 12542

May 23rd
12 Grapes
12 N Division St, Peekskill, NY 10566

The Band: Mike Merola: guitar; Al MacDowell: bass; Rob Clores:
keyboards; Nick Saya: drums; Dan Sandownick: percussion;
Lew Soloff & Tony Kadleck: trumpets; Andy Snitzer, “Blue Lou”
Marini & Tom “Bones” Malone: saxophones; Tom “Bones” Malone:
trombone; Bil Kurz, Angel Rissoff & Horace Scott II: vocals.
Label: City Boys Mike Productions LLC
Artist Website:
UPC Code: 724101256820
Formats: CD, Audiophile Vinyl, Digital Downloads
Release Date: June 5, 2015

1. Birdland 4:57
2. Personal Thing 4:43
3. Fine Wine 3:36
4. I won’t write your song 3:51
5. Shining Star 3:00
6. Summer Nights 5:12
7. Thru The Glass 4:03
8. Sugar Bowl 4:28
9. Baby 4:02
10. I’m A Real Nice guy You Wouldn’t Like Me 4:50
11. Will Have To Do 3:12
12. Meaning Of life 5:15

Sounding like no other band, the City Boys Allstars — three exemplary singers and ten world-class musicians, based in New York City — showcase their crack-of-dawn fresh mixture of jazz and rock, with touches of funk, soul, blues and gospel, on Personal Thing, their new studio album and last with key member Lew Soloff. The sheer force of the little big band’s musical personality reinforces the appeal of strong, intelligent songs written by four band members and one updated cover song: the late great Joe Zawinul’s “Birdland.” Personal Thing is every bit as stellar as the Allstars’ previous album, Blinded by the Night, a concert recording selected by DownBeat as one of the “Best Albums of 2014” and highly praised by Blues in Britain Magazine,
among others. Blinded by the Night also made its mark as a favorite among radio deejays, both satellite and terrestrial.

Consider the tremendous assets of this uncommon band. Leader Mike Merola, recently inducted into the New York Blues Hall
of Fame, is a superior guitarist. Three lead singers of distinction form a soulful singing section. The instrumentalists, whether
soloing or playing together, number among the top sessionmen in New York City; their affiliations range from Blood, Sweat &
Tears and the Blues Brothers to the Rolling Stones and Aretha Franklin to the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and Ornette
Coleman. Not to mention Bob Dylan, the Black Crowes, John Medeski and hundreds more. Sadly, since the recording of the
new album, City Boys Allstar trumpeter Lew Soloff — one of the jazz greats — has passed away. Soloff was a loyal friend to all of the Allstars. Merola knew Lew for 26 years, during which time they recorded four albums together. Personal Thing is lovingly
dedicated to his memory.

The Allstars rule! As Blinded by the Night showed their committed fans and newcomers, the Allstars unleash thrillingly energetic
performances in clubs and other venues. Now Personal Thing displays these New Yorkers’ confident, exciting way with recording
in a top NYC-area studio. They insist on state-of-the-art sound reproduction and they get it.  Excellent mixing, too. All told, the future is bright for a sophisticated yet entertaining band like no other.

Producer: Tony Kadleck Co-Producer: Joseph Borges Executive Producers: Michael G. Merola for City Boys Mike
Productions LLC and Partners Charles Palmieri Jr. and Elias Pateras Recorded & Mixed by Joseph Borges at Broccoli &
Rabe Studios, Fairfield NJ Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC
City Boys Mike Productions LLC

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Radio Campaign: Bob Putignano 914-667-8003

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