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PORTUGAL: Clean Feed New Releases

Clean Feed New Releases
Dear Friends,
We are very proud to announce this busy batch of recordings.
Quantity and quality come hand in hand with diversity as we believe it is Clean Feed statement in music. Hope you can feel it too.
CF 322 CD - Kris Davis Infrasound "Save Your Breath"
This masterpiece is a major work for Kris Davis and her definititive breakthrough as a major composer in XXI century American music. Grea line up and total dedication from all musicians involved. Soundwise this is also a top recording.
If you're following Kris recordings you know that she never repeats herself rather looking for new ways of expression.
CF 325 CD - Dre Hocevar Trio "Coding of Evidentiality"
On their twenties this is new generation music, pointing to the future and surely very serious.
New York is their base and Anthony Braxton, Steve Lehman, Joe Morris are inspirations not copied.
I'm trully amazed with this guys and I can tell you there's more to come on this new scene of open mind musicians.
Bram De Looze, Lester St.Louis (this is his first recording), Dre Hocevar and ocasionally Sam Pluta demonstrate clearly that there's many ways to play and think music these days.
CF 326 CD - All Included "Satan in Plain Clothes"
This democratic band explore Jon Rune Strøm (Universal Indians, PNL Large Unit) and Martin Küchen's (Angles, Trespass Trio) compositions and it also features Thomas Johansson (Fire! Orchestra, Cortex, Friends and Neighbours, PNL Large Unit), Mats Äleklint (Angles, Je Suis, PNL Large Unit), Tollef Østvang (Friends and Neighbours, Universal Indians). This is a showcase of how can european musicians play an invocation of free jazz with a form, mind and heart.
LP coming out soon.
CF 328 CD - Universal Indians + Joe McPhee "Skullduggery"
When Universal Indians invited Joe McPhee to be part of upcoming tours and recording they wanted the original spirit of american free jazz. Joe brought his knowledge and great spirit uplifting the music in his melodic and profound way. Results are beautiful as Dikeman's fury is complemented by McPhee's poetry and lyrical approach and rythm section is a powerhouse sometimes to turn into delicacy when the music asks for it.
LP coming out soon.
CF 329 CD - Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity "Firehouse"
Debut for master Norwegian drummer Gard Nilssen as a leader. 
Playing with Bushman´s Revenge, Cortex and Puma certainly gave him credit to do so and this is an outstanding debut alongside with André Roligheten on saxophones and Petter Eldh on bass, they play urgent and dynamic compositions opening up for improvisation taking no prisoners. This is not free jazz and has certainly a norwegian feel but totally their own way. Sometimes Thomas Chapin comes to mind.
LP coming out soon.
CF 330 CD - Hugo Carvalhais "Grand Valis"
Inspired by Robert K. Dick book "Valis" this is very cinematic music.
Hugo keeps showcasing his skills as a bass player, composer and visionary in his own right and after "Nebulosa" and "Particula", this is a step further with a drumless band featuring a great colorist as Jeremy Cymerman.
Gabriel Pinto and Domique Pifarelly close this unorthodox but very inspirational band. Check the video "Logos" on youtube and you'll see what I mean. Great record.
CF 331 CD - Lama + Joachim Badenhorst "The Elephant's Journey"
Third chapter of Lama's way to create an unique sound coming from Gonçalo Almeida, Susana Santos Silva and Greg Smith's minds. Open music with steady guidelines, slow burn and catchy melodies with a true melodicist as a guest, Joachim Badenhorst. Recorded after a tour it's obvious how they took the music solid to the studio. 
CF 332 CD - Joe Hertenstein's HNH
Second release of "HNH" on Clean Feed developing intricate original compositions mixed with controlled improvisation with very strong concept. I love this one even better than their first and black album. This is good, very good.
CF 333 CD - Double-Basse "This is Not Art"
Exploring the bass sound of the bass and double bass clarinet this is a delicious record.
If you like me love deep bass sounds this is something not to be missed. Totally improvised this record is very unique as you will see for yourself.
CF 334 CD - Sousa/Berthling/Ferrandini "Casa Futuro"
This trio record is a step forward in Sousa and Ferrandini developing through free music.
Here with Johan Bethling they seek for the melody rather than their usual outstanding use of tension/release.
Recorded at Lisbon's Culturgest at their first meeting this is a great example of immediate chemical empathy.
Thanks for your support and trustness,
Pedro Costa
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Kris Davis Infrasound
Save Your Breath
Ben Goldberg bass clarinet, contra alto clarinet, clarinet Oscar Noriega bass clarinet, clarinet  Joachim Badenhorst bass clarinet, clarinet Andrew Bishop contrabass clarinet, clarinet Nate Radley guitar Gary Versace organ Jim Black drums Kris Davis piano, compositions
One of the most progressive, prolific figures on New York City’s creative jazz scene – Save Your Breath is a showcase for her new octet Infrasound and its mix of jazz intricacy and rock impact. Is the sound of “a living, breathing wild animal,”... Read more →


All Included
Satan in Plain Clothes
Martin Küchen  saxophones  Thomas Johansson trumpet  Mats Äleklint  trombone  Jon Rune Strøm  double bass  Tollef Østvang  drums
With his vocabulary emerging from the hard bop and the free traditions, Johansson makes old ideas entirely new. Remember the Blue Note records from the Fifties and Sixties? “Satan in Plain Clothes” is the next step…Read more →


Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity 
André Roligheten saxophones Petter Eldh double bass Gard Nilssen drums
If you ask the names of the most prominent and sought after jazz- and improvised music drummers in Norway, you can be sure to find Gard Nilssen on that list. With “Firehouse”, he debuts a new trio entirely committed to unplugged music; Gard Nilssen´s Acoustic Unity....Read more →


Lama + Joachim Badenhorst 
The Elephant´s Journey
Joachim Badenhorst clarinet and bass clarinet  Susana Santos Silva trumpet and flugelhorn Gonçalo Almeida double bass, effects and loops Greg Smith drums and electronics
Lama is one of the most intriguing European groups of the day. Its music can be poetic and mellow without losing the driving sense and the warmness we associate with the term “jazz”...Read more →


This is Not Art
Jean-Luc Petit contrabass clarinet Benjamin Duboc double bass
The resulting music is heavy, full of grain, dense, but at the same time delicate, sparse and detailed. You must listen to believe it...Read more →

Dre Hocevar Trio
Coding of Evidentiality
Bram De Looze  piano Lester St.louis cello Dre Hocevar drums
Sam Pluta electronics, signal processing on “Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA)”
This is a mature, solid project, resulting from exquisite playing, historic awareness and audacious imagination. Rhythm and interaction methodologies are always the matrix, all the improvising has a compositional focus and the emphasis is on timbre...
Read more →


Universal Indians + Joe Mchpee
John Dikeman saxophones Jon Rune Strøm double bass Tollef Østvang drums Joe McPhee pocket trumpet, alto saxophone
In what refers to symbols they go even further – in “Skullduggery” they have the partnership of another one of the “new thing” mavericks, Joe McPhee. Now, you may ask: is this a nostalgic celebration of the past, with the same kind of revisionist perspectives we find in present recuperations of the bebop formats? No...Read more →


Hugo Carvalhais 
Grand Valis
Hugo Carvalhais double bass Dominique Pifarély violin
Gabriel Pinto organ, keyboards Jeremiah Cymerman electronic manipulation
Portuguese bassist and composer Hugo Carvalhais doesn’t stop to surprise us. After two internationally acclaimed albums with his piano-bass-drums trio complemented by guests like Tim Berne, Émile Parisien and Dominique Pifarély, here he comes again with something completely different...Read more →


Joe Hertenstein
Joe Hertenstein drums Pascal Niggenkemper double bass Thomas Heberer cornet
Always renewing the interactions between composition and intuitive play. HNH do it in such a way that, sometimes, you can’t distinguish one from the other. This music pulls you through every emotion, but ultimately, everything grooves...Read more →


Sousa / Berthling / Ferrandini 
Casa Futuro
Pedro Sousa tenor and baritone saxofones Johan Berthling double bass
Gabriel Ferrandini drums
The focus is tight and the playing gets deeper and deeper in the sound world it creates. In each moment we feel that there’s a track and no possibility for deviations, at the finish, we understand that the important isn’t the arrival, but the journey itself...Read more →

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