Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Association Assahira: The Complet'Mandingo On Tour

The Complet'Mandingo

Dear colleagues,
We come back to you with some news about
The Complet' Mandingo, the crazy walking balafons orchestra from France. They will be performing all around the worl in 2015 for it's 20 anniversary (Taiwan, Spain, Canada, France, UK, etc.), so we are looking for festivals, concert halls and others that could be interested to program this excellent street group.
These musicians have formed a truly mobile balafons’ orchestra capable of travelling anywhere! They have energy and communicative humor, love challenges, and enjoy enrapturing the public, making it dance and smile. Their musical repertoire is made up of original and festive compositions in which they use their resonators to create sounds that you would think, are electro and amplified. Playing an interactive game, the Complet’Mandingue invites the crowd to join them in singing melodies that are inspired by pop icons as well as traditional West African music or funky and groovy tunes. Everyone is invited to join the party and dance on popular pieces revisited “balafon’s style”.

Although the Complet’Mandingue is always adapting its sparkling inventions in both acting and playing music in the streets, they also offer a new performance, on stage, a great pleasure for musical fusion lovers. Around the balafon, drums, percussion, two saxophones and an electric guitar bring what everyone is waiting for: the groove!

Videos, music and pictures:
Looking forward to a future collaboration,
The Assahira team.

14/01/2015 - Maison pour Tous du Plan - Valence (France)
05/02/2015 - 20 ans de La Complet' - Dieulefit (France)
06/02/2015 - 20 ans de La Complet' - Dieulefit (France)
07/02/2015 - 20 ans de La Complet' - Dieulefit (France)
11/03/2015 - La parade du design - Saint-Etienne (France)
13/05/2015 - Ouverture de saison La Vieille Mule - Le Poet Laval (France)
14/05/2015 - Festival Musiques et Danses du Monde - Montataire (France)
15/05/2015 - Festival Sol y Fiesta - Leucate (France)
16/05/2015 - Festival Sol y Fiesta - Leucate (France)
27/05/2015 - Fête du Quartiers des Aviateurs - Orly (France)
13/06/2015 - Festival Tamborilê - Teruel (Spain)
19/06/2015 - Fête de Loriol - Loriol (France)
04/07/2015 - Les Sons du Lac - Châteauneuf (France)
09/07/2015 - Tournée au Québec (Canada)
10/07/2015 - Tournée au Québec (Canada)
11/07/2015 - Tournée au Québec (Canada)
12/07/2015 - Tournée au Québec (Canada)
15/07/2015 - Les Fanfaronnades - Aubenas (France)
17/07/2015 - Les Noctibules - Annecy (France)
18/07/2015 - Les Mandrinades - St Etienne St Geoirs (France)
19/07/2015Les Mandrinades - St Etienne St Geoirs (France)
24/07/2015 - Tao Yuan Summer Children Festival - Tao Yuan (Taiwan)
25/07/2015Tao Yuan Summer Children Festival - Tao Yuan (Taiwan)
26/07/2015Tao Yuan Summer Children Festival - Tao Yuan (Taiwan)
01/08/2015African Music Festival - Herbolzheim (Germany)
14/08/2015Boom Town Fair - Winchester (UK)
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