Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gloria a jazz-mass to be recorded with crowdfunding

 Gloria is a jazz mass, a sacred music work, which essence is to celebrate humanity. Played by 4 seasoned jazzmen from Montreal (Canada), Gloria proposes a contrasted fraternal experience.
Sylvain Picard - compositions & guitar
Yannick Rieu - tenor & soprano
Maxime St-Pierre - trumpet & flugelhorn

Adrian Vedady - double-bass

This project consists in the recording of an album featuring Gloria's ten pieces jazz mass. In order to do so, all of these activities have to be done:
- Record Gloria in a state of the art studio in downtown Montréal (approx. 2 days)
- Document the recording session with video shooting and photographs
- Mix and master the recording
- Design the CD cover and booklet
- Hire a PR agent to promote a CD launch-concert
- Rent a venue with staff (sound engineer, lighting, bar, tickets)
- Offer an energizing and invigorating CD launch-concert

This self produced album will have two functions. First, with it we will be able to share this invigorating music with all. Second, it will be easier for us to book tours in America and abroad with a great CD.

A video explaining the genesis of Gloria

The actual campaign