Saturday, November 30, 2013

Impermanence Trio​/​Tricko Tareco (Impossible Ark Records 2013)

The Impermanence Trio

Matthew Bourne joins Riaan Vosloo and Tim Giles to form The Impermanence Trio. The perform material from Sun Ra and Ellington by way of their own spontaneous offerings.

"[Bourne] improvises with a cyclonic energy and virtuosity, and rummages in a bag of influences gathered from all over the past century’s music” The Guardian

Tricko Tareco

Kit Downes explores four meditative moods on a new project Tricko Tareco. Downes is joined by cellist Lucy Railton and sound sculpture Alex Killpartrick. Tricko Tareco draw on influences from improvised music, minimalism and electronica. Downes says, " Tricko Tareco enjoys simple things put in weird ways."

"Downes is an exceptional talent" The telegraph

(Impossible Ark Records)