Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nicholas Payton - #BAM Live At Bohemian Caverns (BMF Records 2013)

This live album captures Grammy-winner's now legendary prowess on the trumpet - while simultaneously playing the Fender Rhodes. This is #BAM: Black American Music.

The evolution of Grammy-winning trumpeter Nicholas Payton continues on February 26 with the release of Nicholas Payton XXX #BAM Live at Bohemian Caverns on BMF Records.

Recorded at the historic Washington, D.C. club, Bohemian Caverns, on November 3, 2012, the album captures Payton's now legendary prowess on the trumpet – while simultaneously playing the Fender Rhodes piano. Featuring Vicente Archer on bass and Lenny White on drums, the Nicholas Payton XXX band's burning set includes compositions by Payton (The Backward Step, The African Tinge), the classic traditional "Frankie And Johnny," and Miles Davis (Drad Dog), Lenny White & Mike Clark (Catlett Out Of The Bag), and Thelonious Monk (Pannonica).

An accomplished multi-instrumentalist (in addition to the trumpet, piano, and keyboards, Nicholas plays bass, drums, tuba, trombone, clarinet and saxophone, etc.), Nicholas Payton adds another dimension to his musical achievement with the launch of his own imprint, BMF Records. 

After years on major labels, Payton is bypassing the traditional label system for BMF Records. BMF Records is a natural extension of Nicholas Payton's musical journey, following the release of last year's studio set, Bitches. The 15-song, original vocal and R&B album laid the groundwork for the revolutionary, yet evident, idea that that music of the Black American diaspora are more similar than dissimilar. Black American Music, coined by Nicholas Payton, describes his and all music descending from the Black American experience, including spirituals, gospel, soul, blues, and R&B. Black American Music was created by Black people, but it belongs to everyone. 

Nicholas Payton is the founder of the growing Black American Music awareness movement (#BAM). The genesis of #BAM is the public's reaction to 'On Why Jazz Isn't Cool Anymore' and subsequent ingenious posts published on his blog (http://nicholaspayton.wordpress.com) in November of 2011. 

#BAM is the synthesis of Payton's entire collective musical history – a prodigious talent who began playing professionally at age nine, made his major label debut at 21, won his Grammy at 24, wrote a full symphony orchestra and is credited on over 120 recordings as a composer, arranger and/or special guest. An all-around musician, Nicholas Payton is widely considered one of the greatest artists of our time. His unmistakable musical genius is on wide display on #BAM Live at Bohemian Caverns. 

Payton's "clarion trumpet, as well as his genre-defying solos, stood at the center of the music making...No descriptive label or category could be affixed to Payton's solos, which were as brashly original as they were technically imposing." - Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune (December 1, 2012)