Monday, December 31, 2012

United Jazz + Rock Ensemble Second Generation -Wolfgang Dauner United 2 (Timba 2012)

The fans surely didn’t expect that: after the United Jazz + Rock Ensemble had done their farewell tour in 2002, everyone had assumed that really was the end of the famous formation. So the surprise was all the bigger and better when there were new signs of life, albeit with a major change of generation. The team was much younger: only Wolfgang Dauner and Dave King were still there out of the original line-up. Yet although the team has changed, the group still breathes the spirit of the founding generation; their love of experimentation and discovery is still there and the reformed ensemble wants to go onstage in concert halls and at jazz festivals from early 2012. The UJRE will be the highlight of this year’s Jazz Lights in Oberkochen. Another appearance is planned for May in Stuttgart, at the SWR Broadcasting Corporation’s summer festival; the SWR will be sponsoring and promoting the live event. Wolfgang Dauner has now been highly active on the scene for more than fifty years. Stuttgart’s great son first got talked about in the 1960s with the avant-garde group Et Cetera and their first record releases; later he became well known as the leader of his own bands and as an influential jazz musician alongside Jean-Luc Ponty, Sugar Cane Harris or Larry Coryell. For many years he was duo partner to Albert Mangelsdorff and Charlie Mariano. His LP “A Jazz Tune I Hope” with Albert Mangelsdorff, Eddy Gomez and Elvin Jones was a musical highlight. Today, at 76, Dauner the pianist and composer is as active as as he always was. At an age when others are enjoying their retirement he’s not thinking of stopping. So he took on the United Jazz + Rock Ensemble’s new project with his usual youthful élan.Termidor Musikverlag & Timba Records