Friday, November 30, 2012

Rudresh Mahanthappa - GAMAK (ACT 2013)

Line Up:
Rudresh Mahanthappa / alto saxophone
David Fiuczynski / electric guitar
François Moutin / acoustic bass
Dan Weiss / drums

1. Waiting Is Forbidden - 08:56 (Rudresh Mahanthappa)
2. Abhogi - 07:11 (Rudresh Mahanthappa)
3. Stay I - 02:22 (Rudresh Mahanthappa)
4. We'll Make More - 06:06 (Rudresh Mahanthappa)
5. Are There Clouds In India? - 05:56 (Rudresh Mahanthappa)
6. Lots Of Interest - 07:38 (Rudresh Mahanthappa)
7. F - 02:22 (Rudresh Mahanthappa)
8. Copernicus – 19 - 01:25 (Rudresh Mahanthappa)
9. Wrathful Wisdom - 08:24 (Rudresh Mahanthappa)
10. Ballad For Troubled Times - 05:52 (Rudresh Mahanthappa)
11. Majesty Of The Blues - 01:43 (Rudresh Mahanthappa)

The idea of hybridity has been central to the music of alto saxophonist/composer Rudresh Mahanthappa throughout his career. Most prominent, of course, has been his highly original fusion of east and west, jazz mixed with the sounds of his Indian heritage. But that’s too easy and linear a depiction of this open-eared and inventive composer, who has absorbed an enormous variety of music into his thinking and amalgamated it into a singular vision.

On his new ACT release, Gamak, Mahanthappa continues that multi-directional evolution with a bold, striking set of music that melds leading-edge jazz with innovative reinterpretations of traditional Indian and Middle Eastern approaches, shot through with an electric jolt of prog-rock complexity. Mahanthappa’s distinctly personal sound hybridizes progressive jazz and South Indian classical music in a fluid and forward-looking form that reflects the composer’s own experience growing up a second-generation Indian-American. Just as his personal experience is never wholly lived on one side of the hyphenate or the other, his music speaks in a voice dedicated to forging a new path forward. ACT