Monday, May 21, 2012

Magicaboola Brass Band - Attaccati Alla Luna (2012)

This Magicaboola Brass Band is a mixture of Jazz, Funk, Blues, Ska sound played with saxophones, trumpets, sousaphone and a rhythm section A powerfull Stree band sound!!

Attaccati Alla Luna is the last MagicaBoola Brass Band's album. Available from the beginning of
2012, it contains 15 tracks (studio recorded). So after "Boom", released in 2008, the italian brass
band proposes a new project available in three different ways: CD, LP and Digital Distribution.
The LP version is a tribute that the band would like to do to those who want to enjoy our music
with a unique and vintage sound of a turntable player.

Album's arrangements edited by Alessandro Riccucci except “Funky Nassau” (A. Riccucci – M.
Santinelli), “La Bamba” (Y. Nocerino).

The album contains original tracks (In a Jungle, Attaccati alla luna, Vaporize your minds,
Tuttintorno, Operazione fuga impossibile, MIster B don' bother me) 
composed by Alessandro Riccucci that highlight our brass
band musical style. In addition to choreographies and sketches, these songs are extremely
important because they are musical ingredients of our live shows and allow us to create unique
and overwhelming atmospheres.

Each song has its own musical style, so you'll be able to enjoy a Rock version of a celebrated
Wayne Shorter's standard as "Adam's Apple". Besides listening "Day Tripper" The Beatles
discover a new age with this brass version.

Like a leitmotiv recurring throughout the album, you'll be able to appreciate many funky
grooves in "Funky Nassau" but also in "Power Beaterz" and "MisterB don' bother me".

In "La Bamba" you'll be able to enjoy latin atmospheres with the trumpet as soloist. Instead sax
sound is leading in "That Mellow Saxophone". All enriched by the musical notes of our guests.

The band is composed by: Alessandro Riccucci (Alto, Tenor, Soprano Sax, Flute), Riccardo Filippi,
Emanuele Cannatella (Tenor Sax), Michele Santinelli, Massimo Gemini (Baritone Sax, Voice),
Andrea Lagi, Fabrizio Dell'Omodarme, Alessio Bianchi, Tommaso Iacoviello (Trumpet), Leonardo
Ricci (Sousaphone), Riccardo Focacci (Snare Drum), Matteo Marchi (Bass Drum), Francesco
Dell'Omo (Percussions).

With regard to the album featuring you can find the italian trombonist Mauro Ottolini (solo on Adam's apple and Funky Nassau).
Currently he is one of the best known Italian jazz musicians. He's also famous for his great Italian and
international collaborations and now he's teaching at New York University.

But there are other special guests like the voices of Lucy May Lubrani(Lead Vocal in "In a Jungle""), Pamela Zito and Melissa
Marchi backing vocal ("Funky Nassau", "In a Jungle" "Attaccati alla luna". 
Kg Man with his Free Style Reggae("Vaporize your mind"), Simone Padovani at the percussions and the Roberto
Luti's guitar in "Powe Beaterz"