Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jay Shepard - Harsh Mistress (825records 2012)

Available July 3rd, 2012
Jay Shepard's album Harsh Mistress, slated to drop July 3rd, 2012
From the crazy New York nights to the bright city lights, Jay's inspiration continued to flourish; ultimately leading to the conclusion of his first 12-track album, set for release July 3rd, 2012. Multifaceted musician and songwriter, Jay Shepard, has just completed recording his long-awaited solo album, Harsh Mistress, with prominent producer, Matty Amendola, and 825 Records. The tracks on Harsh Mistress exude speed and power (even though at the core the songs may seem like standard pop tunes). Stylistically, it's in a category unto itself; blending unique rhythmic patterns, contrasting terraced dynamics, heavy fuzzed guitar riffs, lo-fi acoustic guitars and vocals, tight hard-hitting indie rock drums, in addition to a heavy use of electronic instruments and classic analogue synths. With musical improvisation, and extended jams, from the contemporary and catchy hooks on: “Come Back Home,” “Vacant Scene,” “You Wanted,” and “Love on Lend,” to the hard hitting, heavy riffs, and gigantic sounding drums on: “She's the Fire,” “Harsh Mistress,” and “Last Man on Earth;” coupled with eclectic and electronic influences on: “Time Will Never Slow,” “Truth,” and “All You Got,” and the great depth throughout the ballads in: “The City,” and “So It Goes,” Jay's sound is an exploration of music across genres. Available July 3rdon iTunesAmazonSpotify, and