Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gerardo Núñez - TRAVESIA (ACT 2012)

On “Travesia” Gerardo Núñez presents an emotional as intimate mix of jazz with Spanish folk and pop music. With high passion his Flamenco Nuevo reaches beyond all boarders. In face of all this stylistic openness there is, however, one thing you can take for granted: Núñez simply makes “terrific music” (Der Spiegel (magazine)).

Gerardo Núñez / flamenco guitar
Ángel Sánchez González “Cepillo” / percussion, palmas & vocals
Carmen Cortés García & Isabel Núñez Cortés / percussion, palmas & vocals
Pablo Romero / electric guitar
Albert Sanz & Pepe Rivero / piano
Mariano Díaz / keyboards
Pablo Martín & Antonio Ramos “Maca” / electric bass
Perico Sambeat / saxophone
Carlota Passos-Pereira Cortés, Coral Cortés García & Mario Cortés / vocals
Bilal Demiryurek, Juan Luis Cano, Luky Oyegue & Christians Lorys / voice