Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fjoralba Turku - Serene (Traumton 2012)

Jazzthetik, Christoph Giese, 1/2012
(...)Her second CD "Serene" has turned out to be simply beautiful. Partly, this is because the whole ensemble does not seem to be trying for a particular sound – they're just making music. And they obviously feel quite relaxed about it too. The album includes two sensitive interpretations of poems by Lord Byron and three emotional Albanian songs, including the traditional "Lulzoj Fusha", a lament to a son lost in battle. The songs written and arranged together with bassist Paulo Cardoso on the other hand, are a colorful joyride through all kinds of emotions. Fjoralba Turku's album is a musical journey through an impressive range of variations, carried and sustained by her gentle, warm vocals."

Fjoralba Turku 
Fjoralba Turku: vocals Florian Trübsbach: saxophone, clarinet, flute  Tal Balshai: piano Paulo Cardoso: bass  Jonas Burgwinkel: drums 

TRAUMTON RECORDS released January 13, 2012
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