Wednesday, November 30, 2011

USA: Moonjune Records Newsletter

Upcoming MoonJune's newsletters:
––––> ALLAN HOLDSWORTH touring USA/BRAZIL/EUROPE between January and May 2012
with JIMMY HASLIP on bass and VIRGIL DONATI on drums
––––> ARTI & MESTIERI's cd "FIRST LIVE IN JAPAN" back in stock
––––> MARBIN phenomena; an interview with uprising stars, tremendously talented new kids on your jazz and prog block: DANI RABIN and DANNY MARKOVICH

MoonJune announces two (very different) new releases

BORIS SAVOLDELLI "Insanology" (cd)

This is the reissue of Boris' breakthrough first solo release, originally distributed only in Italy, in 2007. "An arresting mix of painstakingly overdubbed vocals, human beatbox effects, African-inspired choral music, plus the odd visit to the world of Jimi Hendrix (an extraordinary version of 'Crosstown Traffic'), Insanology is a largely solo album (although two tracks feature tasty contributions from guitarist Marc Ribot) featuring the quite remarkable Italian vocalist
Boris Savoldelli. A quick (although lazily inaccurate) way of describing some of this music would be to suggest that it sounds as if Ladysmith Black Mambazo had adopted the techniques utilised by Bobby McFerrin in his solo live performances, but Savoldelli is a genuine original, wholly in command both of his material (self-penned, save for the aforementioned Hendrix piece and 'In the Seventh Year' by Mark Murphy and Uli Rennert) and of the various electronic gizmos (the back cover shows Savoldelli's foot pressing an FX pedal) with which he creates his 'choirs'." - Chris Parker, Vortex Jazz, UK


MJR039 BORIS SAVOLDELLI "Biocosmopolitan" ($11/$13, FREE SHIPPING)


COPERNICUS "Live In Prague! Live" (DVD/NTSC - all regions)

In 1989, after the release of the album "Deeper", COPERNICUS received many requests to appear live in cities in Europe -- including Moscow, Sopot, Prague, Vilnius and Berlin. It had received a lot of attention from the press and got tremendous radio airplay. This was a time of heightened tension in many countries, separated from the rest of the world by their mostly totalitarian regimes. This concert footage documents the entire experience at Prague's Slavia Stadium. For the nine thousand fans, it was a rewarding experience. COPERNICUS and the audience interacted in an extraordinary manner. The effects of COPERNICUS' songs such as "The Authorities" and "White from Black" and others were visibly a big blow to the audience eager to absorb more of COPERNICUS' lyrics and the gripping original music performed by those musicians -- which included Larry Kirwan of Black 47 on keyboards, guitar and vocals, Mike Fazio on guitar, Thomas Hamlin on drums, and Dave Conrad on bass. The use of split screen technology with footage from separate sources heightens the experience that one almost feels that he is right there at the mixing board watching every move from the stage and from the audience's point of view. This video certainly is a document from the time when bands would go out and venture into these far away places. It is worth its price in gold.

COPERNICUS "Cypher & Decipher" ($11/$13 - FREE SHIPPING)

COPERNICUS "disappearance" ($11/$13 - FREE SHIPPING)

COPERNICUS "Nothing Exists" ($11/$13 - FREE SHIPPING)

COPERNICUS "Live In Prague (The Authorities!") - video clip