Tuesday, November 29, 2011

INDIA: We love playing in the Hyderabad: Indian Ocean

Back in the '90s when every music lover fit into cliques like rock fans, Bollywood lovers, pop maniacs and metalheads, came an Indian band that decided to defy all labels and introduce the magical world of fusion music to the country.
Indian Ocean, which created an all new sound by marrying rock, pop, classical music, Sufi strains, jazz and whole lot of folk tunes from India, is all set to regale Hyderabad tonight.
Amit Kilam, drummer and percussionist, says, "Hyderabad is one of our favorite cities to play in. We are excited about playing for the Times Festival because it is an open, public show, something which we don't get to do too often. The energy will be great. We also plan to play tracks from our new album which we released online." (Times of India)