Friday, October 28, 2011

HUNGARY: Theo Bleckmann (USA) Concert, Trafó Budapest, 6 November

"On Sunday (6 November) the American musician, Theo Bleckmann arrives to Trafó in the frame of his European tour. He has been the singer of Meredith Monk's band for 15 years and works with fantastic musicians on the current project he is bringing: they will play the music of Kate Bush.

"Bleckmann possesses a technique so colossal, yet so meticulous, he can seem otherworldly, an android-like embodiment of sci-fi vocalism, a bodily vessel for that voice.” AllAboutJazz/Phil DiPietro
"His wonderfully flexible timbre, his emotional dedication and vocal competence go way beyond the usual measure of expression” JAZZTHING / Ralf Dombrowski (about Las Vegas Rhapsody)
"Vocalist Theo Bleckmann is one of the most flexible and uncategorizable figures on the New York scene; since the mid-90s he's been doing his thing in a niche of his own invention, somewhere between jazz, cabaret, classical, experimental, and improvised music. He's got a strong, precise voice and impeccable pitch control, and [...] I can't help but admire his range and curiosity. It's tremendously rare for a singer to realize the potential of the voice so thoroughly." CHICAGO READER